Meditation, Being Present

...Stardust – Dr. Tara Brach, Parts 1 & 2, Jan. 17 & 24

Mammalian Attachment Heals Surgery Trauma

Bruce Perry: Rhythm Regulates the Brain

Bruce Perry in Washington: Video on Relationship

“Trauma-Informed Care” & Compassion

How to Meditate – Really!  Dr. Tara Brach, “Basic Elements of Meditation Practice,” Pt 1 (2/11/2015): “The first class examines our attitude towards practice and gives guidance on posture, establishing an anchor for attention, and learning to concentrate and collect the mind – ‘coming back.’ / ”      “Basic Elements of Meditation Practice,” Pt 2 (2/18/2015) “The second class focuses on the practice of mindfulness – ‘being here,’ and the component qualities of clear recognition and an allowing non-judgmental presence.”

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