Adult Attachment Disorder

The Silent Epidemic of Attachment Disorder
This is Gonna Hurt – It’ll Be Worth It
I Flunked Bonding: What ‘Inner Child’ ?

General Theory of Love: How Mammal Brains Work, Part 1
...General Theory of Love: How Mammal Brains Work, Part2
General Theory of Love: Mammals Require Attachment

Dr. Allan Schore: What is the “Self”?
How Your Brain Works 101 – Dr. Bruce Perry
Attachment & Developmental Trauma – Dr. Bruce Perry

Bruce Perry in Washington: On Relationship
..The Hole in Me
From the Butt End of Evolution: My Family Tree

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3 responses to “Adult Attachment Disorder

  1. Do you know of treatment centers for Adults w/ Attachment Disorder? I’m willing to travel for much needed help. I’m in Houston but can fly to any location…I’m desperate, in serious pain and lonely. I have alienated every person in my life and not sure why I do it. I was abandoned from 1yr old to 3 yrs w/out any contact, I am 55 and just lost a $150K job because of my trust issues. I am literally spiraling out of control. Before my father died he told me you need to look at attachment disorder, in the 60’s hospitals were unaware leaving me alone was unhealthy. I have sabotaged anything/ everything in my life. It sounds crazy but its whom I have become, running as fast as I can thru life~ Can you help?

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