Adult Attachment Disorder

  NB: I’m against using “attachment disorder” or “attachment therapy” in a false way to excuse child abuse, as exposed here:  But it’s not true that there are only two issues, Radical Attachment Disorder (RAD) vs such false “attachment disorder.”
  In fact, there is a third, major issue: legitimate attachment disorder, and I believe it hurts 50% of Americans.  Just because the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) only recognizes RAD, which affects a tiny percent of us, doesn’t mean the rest of us are fine. I wasn’t RAD, but I had a bad case of legitimate attachment disorder. Since I wasn’t RAD, I got no treatment until I collapsed after age 50. That can’t be right.
  “Attachment problems extending beyond RAD, are a real and appropriate concern for professionals,” concludes the 2006 Report on Attachment Therapy by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC).

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4 responses to “Adult Attachment Disorder

  1. Do you know of treatment centers for Adults w/ Attachment Disorder? I’m willing to travel for much needed help. I’m in Houston but can fly to any location…I’m desperate, in serious pain and lonely. I have alienated every person in my life and not sure why I do it. I was abandoned from 1yr old to 3 yrs w/out any contact, I am 55 and just lost a $150K job because of my trust issues. I am literally spiraling out of control. Before my father died he told me you need to look at attachment disorder, in the 60’s hospitals were unaware leaving me alone was unhealthy. I have sabotaged anything/ everything in my life. It sounds crazy but its whom I have become, running as fast as I can thru life~ Can you help?

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