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  1. How do I find an attachment therapist in Puget Sound? I have tried CIMBS, somtic experiencers, and the like, bu are there any specific attachment therapists?

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  3. I am in the process of finding a good therapist, and it’s really hard! I’ve actually had many therapists for relatively short term periods from the time I was 16 to now (27). What had the most impact on me–other than my persistent digging into pain I knew I had that I could see was affecting my life in every way–was my dive into Jungian analysis in the last year. For the record, I do not recommend psychoanalysis because it was so disastrous for me. Essentially, I had moved away from home, which was very difficult in the first place, to return to school across the country. I wasn’t able to bond or find meaning in what I was doing and instead found myself looking for parental figures. I’ve always done that, but the distance made it very apparent. Both psychoanalytic processes were very regressive for me and wreaked havoc on my nervous system. It was hard for me to make choice that was not made out of desperation before, and now it takes seconds to go from 0 to 100. This complicates things when looking…

    • therapist. In general, it’s quite hard to meet my needs because of this sense of urgency and desperation.
      What would you recommend when in this place? My sense is neurofeedback and trauma sensitive yoga as good starting points, because they can help me to be a little less in constant survival mode and thus better able to make a holistic choice. But because the sense of safety I find in my body seems to disappear when I am triggered by interactions with the world (whether it be my family or the various demands of life), I find myself torn yet again. I have to start somewhere, though, right? Perhaps getting connected to my body as gently as possible is that place, since this is when my inner critic becomes most silent for a few moments and I can feel what I need. I would love any advice and experience related to this!

    • Hi Yana, how are things for you now? Did you find right therapist? I really relate to you. You articulated very well my own struggle within me.

      • Hey Yasmin,
        Nope, I still haven’t found the right therapist. It’s been a very tough year that has not gotten any easier. How are you doing?

  4. I really need help! Do you know any good attachment therapists in Australia? I’ve recently realized I have attachment and other trauma but can’t find help. I feel so hopeless and exhausted.

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